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  • Economic direct display electronic scale OCS-SL
  • Bluetooth electronic scale OCS-SPB
  • Portable direct display electronic scale OCS-SP
  • Direct display type hanging scale-OCS-SF
  • Direct display electronic scale  OCS-S
  • Direct display type hanging scale-OCS-SX
  • Spoke load cell-ly103
  • Wireless dynamometer tensiometerXDL-R
  • Spoke load cell-ly102
  • Wireless dynamometer tensiometerXDL-W5
  • Cantilever load cellDYX-305
  • Wireless dynamometer tensiometerXDL-W3
  • S type load cell-6354
  • Multidimensional force sensor-319
  • Wireless dynamometer tensiometerXDL-W1
  • Column load cell-202
  • Multidimensional force sensor-315
  • Micro load cell-MH116
  • Wireless shackle dynamometer XLQW- 5D01
  • S-type column sensor-3213
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    Changzhou Xiancheng Sensors Co., Ltd.
    Changzhou Xiancheng Sensors Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research&development, production and sales of sensors and instrumentation. The company adheres to the principle of integrity first, customer-centered, quality-oriented survival, innovation and development, and establishes a professional R&D and sales team, specializing in research, development and manufacture of sensors, intelligent instruments and instruments. Through communication and learning between domestic and foreign markets of the same industry, it strives to be a well-known brand in the industry. First of all, we have developed and manufactured a variety of force sensors, intelligent sensors, intelligent instruments and integrated circuits by exquisite developed technology and production technology. It is widely used in AI intelligent robots, metallurgy, oil fields, chemical industry, military industry, aerospace, major scientific research institutions, universities, automobiles, transportation, energy, machinery manufacturing, building materials and computer and automation process control etc...
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