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    “Industry 4.0” is an important way to realize “Made in China 2025”. Industry 4.0 is a new generation of production mode based on industry 1.0 (mechanization), 2.0 (electric power application) and 3.0 (automation), using the concept of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), relying on Internet of Things, computer and big data technology. It will be the most important technical means to realize “Made in China 2025”. With the rapid development of “Internet + manufacturing”, industry 4.0 may be synchronized to industry 3.0 to enter China-made. Robot and automation, high-end CNC machine tool technology is the key to open this era, the growth space is huge. Changzhou Xiancheng Sensors Company keeps pace with the times, constantly innovates and strives to contribute its due strength to the development of national robots, automation and intellectualization. We firmly believe that through continuous efforts, never forget the original insistence on integrity, justice, stability and innovation, and work hand in hand with our clients, a total of 4.0 brilliant industrial scrolls.”
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